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Rose water

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Rose water 100% Natural

Flower water

Anti-aging, purifying and refreshing tonic treatment rose water also softens the skin.

* Floral, fresh and intoxicating notes

Ecologically sustainable, recycled and recyclable packaging.

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Rose water 100% natural

Natural tonic water, slows down the aging of the skin, maintains the pH balance of the skin.

Anti-aging, purifying and refreshing tonic treatment rose water also softens the skin.

Slows down acne, reduces puffiness, helps soothe redness and irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrates and refreshes the skin, excellent natural cleanser when mixed with pure argan oil.

Suitable for the preparation of masks (mixture of rose water with ghassoul, red, green or white clay)

Use rose water once or twice a day on your skin.

Store rose water away from heat and preferably in the refrigerator.

Benefits and use of rose water :

Rose water has regenerating and anti-bacterial properties. Rose water is a product with multiple virtues, it can be used in your daily care, in refreshing water to illuminate the skin of the face, you will have understood it as an ally on a daily basis.

You can use rose water like micellar water by applying it to a cotton pad and cleansing your face with morning and evening. Rose water being a natural antibacterial, it will allow you to keep your skin clean all day long. When applied daily, you would find that rose water tightens the skin pores.

By daily application of rose water on the face, morning and evening, you will keep skin hydrated, a luminous complexion and revitalized skin. It will also bring a radiant complexion to the face that will appear younger and smoother.

You can also mix rose water with your argan oil to make it an excellent makeup remover.% natural. Rose water effectively fights wrinkles by applying it every day to your skin, indeed it is rich in anti-oxidants which gives it the power to fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose water has healing properties and respects sensitive skin. Rose water has a soothing effect on sun burns. You could also use your rose water on the scalp to calm the itching of the scalp as well as the inflammation.

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100% Rosa Damanesca Flower Water

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