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Bath balls

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Based on baking soda, each bath ball softens the water and makes the skin smooth and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Ideal for bathing children but also suitable for adults (2-3 scoops will be necessary)

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Mini bath balls

Perfume of your choice: cherry, strawberry, raspberry, baby powder, jasmine, grapefruit, lavender, violet, pina Colada, summer passion, mango, rose, passion fruit

Put a mini ball in your children's bath to add bubbles to their baths, kids love it!

Each bath ball contains baking soda, an excellent anti-limescale agent for your bath water, beneficial for the skin.

Also suitable for adult bathing, (2 to 3 mini balls)

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1 mini ball of about 15 grams
Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, perfume, aqua, CI18050

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