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Snake oil is a blend of vegetable oils with beneficial properties for the hair. Complete and natural care for all hair types to be used once or twice a week in an oil bath. Two formats available for a 1 or 2 month cure.

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"Snake Oil" is a blend of vegetable oils with beneficial properties for the hair. Meeting most of your hair's needs.

Moisturizing, fortifying, anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff, theSnake oil Medusa oil is the ultimate remedy for your hair. As explained above, snake oil is a mixture comprising several oils.

You will thus find black seed oil extremely rich in nutrients, fights eczema and scalp diseases.

Castor oil which is already widely used for hair for its moisturizing and regenerating effect for ends and dry hair.

Mustard oil to promote hair growth and fight against hair loss.

You will also find avocado oil whose action promotes hair growth and slows down hair loss while strengthening it.

TheArgan Oil which is known to protect hair from the sun and restore shine.

Amla oil which strengthens, beautifies and promotes hair growth.

The famous coconut oil which takes care of the scalp, strengthens the hair and makes it shine.

And finally the keratin , beautifying and thermoprotective hair active ingredient that brings shine and softness.

All these oils provide the hair with hydration and vitamins and constitute a real makeover for your hair. Take care of the hair, but also to repair and protect it.

It can therefore be used on very damaged or even burnt hair in order to repair them and give them a normal appearance.

Snake Medusa Oil is also able to give shine and softness to the driest hair, but its effect is noticeably less noticeable on the hair which has a tendency to grease quickly because it requires by definition a greater number of shampoos.

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Argana spinosa kernel oil, Cocoes Oleum Avocado Oil, Caster Oil, Mustard Oil, Black Cumin, Mutat Oleum, Keratin, VItamine E
In an oil bath: Distribute the oil over all of your hair from root to tip. Massage your scalp to activate micro circulation. Once the oil is distributed over all the hair and scalp, cover everything with a charlotte / cellophane. Leave to act overnight, rinse and wash as usual the next morning.
Strengthens and nourishes damaged hair, accelerates growth and slows down hair loss. Gives shine, suppleness, softens them, eliminates dandruff. Medusa Oil also fights eczema and cleanses the scalp.

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